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WGAC Turns 65 Years Old

WGAC Turns 65 Years Old

Kudos to WGAC(AM), a Beasley news-talk station that noted its 65th anniversary in the Augusta, Ga., market.
The station is at 580 kHz. It came on on Dec. 1, 1940, and thus is 21 years older than the company that now owns it. The first program was a 30-minute introductory feature with Augusta Mayor James M. Wooddall and North Augusta Mayor R.B. Mealing.
“Since 1940, WGAC(AM) has featured some of radio’s best on-air talent, including George Fisher and Harley Drew, in addition to having been on the cutting edge of bluegrass and country music,” Beasley said in its announcement.
“For example, WGAC was the first to play ‘The Smokey Mountaineers,’ who later took off and became a top country hit for over 20 years. Harley Drew continues to provide great on-air entertainment during his 12th year at WGAC.”