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WGUC Begins 5.1 Broadcasting With Neural

WGUC Begins 5.1 Broadcasting With Neural

WGUC(FM), a classical public station in Cincinnati, is broadcasting in surround sound on its main HD Radio and analog signal using Neural Audio’s 5.1 technology.
The station and the supplier say WGUC becomes the first station to go 5.1 on its main channel with commercially available 5.1 music.
The change began Aug. 10 with the broadcast of Debussy’s “La Mer,” performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, available on a Telarc International SACD.
The surround broadcasts will feature performances of the Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestras, London Symphony Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonic and other content from record labels such as BIS, Deutsche Grammophon, Telarc and others, most commercially available on SACD and/or DVD.
Richard Eiswerth, WGUC’s general manager and CEO of Cincinnati Public Radio, called this the latest in a series of firsts for WGUC. It was the first station in Ohio to transmit using HD Radio in July 2003.
“The Neural system allows us to deliver great surround while making minimal changes to our existing infrastructure. This makes the process affordable and does not affect our conventional stereo listener base,” stated Don Danko, Cincinnati Public Radio vice president of engineering.
Home theater receivers that have the ability to decode the Neural 5.1 surround sound are readily available in stores, he said, noting that for listeners, the Neural system maintains the surround imaging, which is crucial for classical music.
Alex Kosiorek, audio recording and mastering engineer for WGUC’s Corbett Studio, said WGUC has been testing available surround technologies for HD Radio for several years, and while the studio would still provides services for delivering surround sound to clientele using various technologies and will continue to evaluate them, he’s pleased WGUC has chosen Neural as a delivery format.