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WGUC Rolls Out HD Radio Promotional SUV

WGUC Rolls Out HD Radio Promotional SUV

Noncom FM WGUC in Cincinnati is stepping up its promotion of digital radio to coincide with receivers entering the market. Completing the final phase of its digital installation upgrades last summer, WGUC became the first public radio station in Ohio to launch the new technology. Now, WGUC is “rolling out” an education campaign packaged in a 2004 BMW X5 SUV. The vehicle, equipped with the HD Radio receiver, will serve as a mobile sound booth so the public can hear HD Radio. The station will
offer audio demonstrations at several community relations events this spring
and summer.
Station GM Rich Eiswerth says audiophiles consider the classical format, such as WGUC’s, to be ideal for HD Radio. “Since symphonic music moves across a wide spectrum of instrumental sounds, it is ideally suited to demonstrate the breadth of what HD Radio technology is designed to deliver. So for that segment of the public that is upgrading personal audio equipment, digital broadcasting will greatly enhance the listening experience.”