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What Do Stream Listeners Want?

Study examines Internet behavior

A study by research firm Coleman Insights offers a glimpse into the behavior of Internet “radio” stream listeners.

Utilizing the responses of 1,300 self-described Internet audio/radio listeners (five minutes or more per week) during the second and third quarters of 2010, Coleman put together its findings.

The Coleman study intermingled streamed radio broadcasts along with music services such as Pandora and the online offerings of satellite radio.

Good news for radio broadcasters was that radio streams of traditional AM/FM broadcasts, as a group, topped the list of Internet streaming destinations.

The worrying news is that the numbers declined along with age. The younger groups were trending strongly to Internet-only audio, preferring music services and other portals that had nothing to do with broadcasters.

Much of the study focuses on “brand” awareness or lack thereof and on the nascence of the medium and lack of reliable measuring sticks or practices.

Read it here (PDF).