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What Does Mason’s Return to CBS Mean for HD-R?

Is Dan Mason’s return to CBS Radio good news for the HD Radio rollout?

Is Dan Mason’s return to CBS Radio good news for the HD Radio rollout?

It sound like it will be; he is a long-time supporter of the concept and during his consultancy to Ibiquity he conducted presentations along with Ibiquity Director of Broadcast Marketing Don Kelly about how HD stations can promote themselves and the technology.

HD Digital Radio Alliance President/CEO Peter Ferrara tells me he has reached out to Mason and believes they will talk once things settle down for the former CBS Radio president in his return gig to the group.

“Dan has been involved in digital radio from its inception and I am sure will be very involved in the HD Radio Alliance as well,” said Ferrara, who also said Joel Hollander was extremely supportive of HD Radio and did a lot to help move the Alliance forward.

Hollander had a key place in the alliance leadership and Ferrara expects Mason will too.

Of course, CBS has strong ties with HD Radio, given that Ibiquity’s top engineer for many years was Glynn Walden, the technology developer’s vice president of broadcast engineering from 1996 to 2003; Walden was a founder of USA Digital Radio, now Ibiquity Digital. He is back with CBS now.

On its Web site, CBS Radio says, “There are more than 75 CBS Radio stations broadcasting in HD with more being launched every week.” The group owner is multicasting more than 55 secondary formats.