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What to Do About Connected Vehicle Is the Buzz in Detroit

Dashboard telematics implementation varies and there’s a lack of standards “clarity” says expert

Dashboard telematics are still the untamed frontier.

At least that’s a summation of one point that Gartner VP Automotive Vehicle Information & Communications Technology Thilo Koslowski made at the Telematics Detroit conference this week.

He added that while automotive OEMs are embracing the connected dashboard, no one agrees on a single, consistent implementation format, reports WWJ(AM), Detroit.

“Everyone agrees that, yes, we have to do something about the connected vehicle,” but there’s not a lot of “clarity” on how to accomplish that, according to Koslowski.

That sentiment was echoed at an NAB session we reported on.

Possibilities to change the situation Koslowski offered are: standardization, consolidation, as well as more collaboration among OEMs, app developers, content producers and other companies creating products for the dash. Indeed, we’ve reported that automakers and receiver manufacturers are now holding app events and opening up their software, somewhat, to app developers in order to ensure dashboard compatibility and safety.

Just a couple of years ago, the buzz at the show was getting automakers to notice telematics, according to the account. Now they’ve embraced the concept, as a way to lure young people into buying cars, we’ve reported.