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What’s the Takeaway? It’s ‘The Takeaway’

Promotion is underway for the launch of public radio’s newest morning news show.

Promotion is underway for the launch of public radio’s newest morning news show.

WGBH(FM) in Boston for instance is telling listeners they can hear “The Takeaway With John Hockenberry and Adaora Udoji” starting Monday, April 28.

This is the new hour-long program co-produced by PRI and WNYC Radio, with editorial collaboration by WGBH, The BBC World Service and The New York Times, which we’ve reported on here.

It will air on WGBH weekday mornings 6 to 7 a.m., to be followed by NPR’s “Morning Edition,” and it will also be carried on WGBH’s sister station WCAI in Woods Hole.

In New York, WNYC will carry the show on its FM at 6 a.m. and its AM channel at 8 a.m. The show will also be heard at WEAA(FM) in Baltimore. Other stations are expected to sign on this spring and summer.

So what can we expect?

The goal of the show is to “expand and enrich the American dialogue on key local, national and global issues.”

“While rooted in the values public radio is best known for — highly credible journalism, depth and context — the show will break out from the medium’s conventionally packaged sound,” organizers say, and will adopt live news content in a conversational, personality-driven format.

“The anchor’s chair will serve as the hub or ‘watercooler,’ where Hockenberry and Udoji convene critical conversations, take live reports from the field, and provide a platform for commentary and analysis. It is also a place where listeners will be encouraged to get involved in the discussion.”

Liberty Mutual is the exclusive corporate broadcast sponsor.

WNYC has posted a FAQ about the program.