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Wheatstone and DaySequerra Team Up on Delay Errors

Wheatstone control protocol allows for interface with DaySequerra M4.2 for eliminating diversity delay errors

Broadcast audio equipment maker Wheatstone has announced that its control protocol, Automation Control Interface, is now compatible with DaySequerra’s M4.2 TimeLock HD Radio receiver/processor.

ACI is resident in Wheatstone processors and allows for the control of third-party equipment. DaySequerra’s M4.2 TimeLock is a receiver/processor designed to eliminate FM-HD Radio time alignment errors by measuring such errors and sending compensation information back to an on-air processor.

A firmware upgrade with the DaySequerra hardware will provide the needed compatibility. Information on the upgrade can be found here.

DaySequerra Vice President of Market Development Mike Pappas said, “The number one complaint we get from engineers is this problem of imperfect blending between the standard analog FM and HD Radio signals. By getting our firmware completed and tested with Wheatstone processors, we now have a way to solve this problem easily and cost-effectively for a large number of stations using their existing Wheatstone processors.”

Wheatstone says that this approach eliminates an additional step in the signal chain Wheatstone Senior Product Design Engineer Jeff Keith said, “By using their existing Wheatstone processor and not adding to the air chain, broadcasters can keep the signal path pure and simple.”