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Wheatstone Announces BE Compatibility With baseband192

Recently introduced BE STXe60 exciter capable of all-digital airchain

Equipment maker Wheatstone has announced that it has completed testing of its baseband192 digital signal technology with transmitter maker Broadcast Electronics.

The test equipment was a BE STXe60 exciter and a Wheatstone VP-8IP processor. The exciter passed the pure digital baseband192 signal indicating that it is compatible with Wheatstone’s digital signal technology.

Wheatstone explains baseband192: “Baseband192 is a 192 kHz sample rate, pure digital interface. The baseband192 signal represents the FM processor’s entire stereo multiplex spectrum — including most subcarriers. The stereo multiplex signal remains in the digital domain after stereo generation so there are no D/A conversions, no sample rate conversions, and no imperfect analog circuitry standing in the way of a perfect handoff of the stereo baseband signal to the FM exciter.”

BE Senior Software Engineer Wes Keene said, “Broadcasters spend a lot of time maintaining absolute purity in their audio chain and tweaking their processing. For the first time, a theoretically perfect interface exists to make sure all that hard work pays off in the form of pristine audio on the air, with no loudness compromises.”

Wheatstone says that baseband192 is now a standard feature on new orders and as a free software download for existing AirAura X3, FM-531HD and VP-8IP audio processors. It can be used with any second generation BE STX line product.