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Wheatstone Debuts Two Digital Consoles

Wheatstone Debuts Two Digital Consoles

Wheatstone is out with two new digital consoles.
The new D-4000 is a digital board at a lower price point than its predecessors.
It is based on the architecture of the D-5000 and is modular, with a new look including stainless-steel meter bridge and wrist rest, new work surface graphics and composite fused finish end caps. Features include four stereo mix busses, hot swapping, six VU meters, any mix of D and A inputs, AES and balanced analog outputs and up to four mix-minus outputs.
Wheatstone’s D-8000 is considered the flagship of the D-Series line, and is aimed at stations that need more and better mix-minus capabilities. The Bus-Minus feature is available on all input modules, providing a mix-minus output with talkback interrupt on every input module so equipped. All input modules can accept analog and digital signals of both A and B inputs; all input modules provide both mic and line logic.
Both models were introduced at the recent NAB convention.

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