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Wheatstone Highlights Evolutions

Wheatstone Highlights Evolutions

Wheatstone says its E-6 Surface, E-series Studio Satellite and E-series Network Switch combine to offer a cost-effective networked audio system, which the company has dubbed the Evolutions Series.
Studios can operate independently yet share resources and mixes through the E-series Network Switch, and without traffic limitations, audio latency or machine control delays.
The E-6 Surface features event recall, both bus-minus and mix-minus and four aux mixers, all of which have dedicated talkback systems. The E-6 also has four monitor outputs and standard EQ, dynamics, panning and mic processing, simultaneously, on each channel. It supports multiple arrays of programmable input channel and master panel switches for functions such as phone, intercom, salvos or machine commands.
The E-6 drives a VGA screen directly, providing real-time graphic displays, production tools and setup screens. Security is protected by multilevel pass codes.