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Wheatstone Lists Recent Sales

Six-surface package for KUNI(FM) is part of the roster

From the RW “Who’s Buying What” page:

Wheatstone reported a number of recent sales.

University of Northern Iowa’s KUNI(FM) (Cedar Falls, IA) ordered six LX-24 control surfaces and 23 WheatNet-IP Blades. WBSU(FM) (Brockport, N.Y.) ordered an E-6 control surface and E Series satellite cage to expand an existing network. Cogeco (Quebec) purchased WheatNet-IP AoIP systems for five locations and added to a WheatNet-IP system for another through Marketing Marc Vallee, Quebec.

Fairchild Radio (Toronto) added seven PC drivers to its WheatNet-IP system to replace soundcards, through Ron Paley Broadcast, Canada. Skyview Satellite Networks (Scottsdale, Ariz.) purchased 11 Blades and Navigator software for a new core routing system; the company is also partnering with Wheatstone for a WheatNet-IP interface into the Skyview automation system. CBC (Alberta) purchased a Blade, three controllers and PC drivers for a WheatNet-IP system through Marketing Marc Vallee, Quebec.

Blackburn Radio (Ontario) purchased an E-6 control surface package though Ron Paley Broadcast, Canada. Loyalist College (Ontario) purchased a WheatNet-IP system through the same dealer, and CJLS(FM) (Nova Scotia) purchased an E-1 control surface also through Ron Paley.

CBC (New Brunswick) purchased hardware controllers, audio driver and WheatNet-IP Scheduler software. CBC (Saskatchewan, Canada) purchased a WheatNet-IP routing system including 16 Blades and other gear. CBC (Alberta, Canada) purchased a WheatNet-IP routing system consisting of 16 Blades and related gear. All three were via Marketing Marc Vallee, Quebec.

Ocala Broadcasting (Florida) purchased two E-1 control surfaces and a WheatNet-IP network through BSW. CHIN Radio (Ontario) purchased an Aura8-IP Blade audio processor to add to a WheatNet-IP system though Ron Paley Broadcast, Canada. And Dealer SAV in France purchased six Blades, including two MADI Blades, for a project in France.

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