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Wheatstone Product Launch at NAB2003

Wheatstone Product Launch at NAB2003

Wheatstone is set to launch new radio broadcast products at NAB2003. Products debuting at the show include the GEN-9 Digital On-Air Control Surface and the A-7000 analog radio on-air console. The GEN-9 adds a new tool to the Wheatstone radio line as an extension of its Bridge digital audio network routing system. Bridge engine components permit up to 256 mix busses in one rackmount system. Multiple GEN-9 components can be linked to form a networked system, making it a solution for large station integration projects.
The A-7000 is a modular unit that permits flexible configurations and combinations of dual source mic or line inputs, four stereo outputs, mono sum and aux send outputs and programmable logic, machine control and dual mix-minus system availability. The counter drop-in mount system is easily installed. For more information go to