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Wheatstone Shares ‘Processing Smarts’

White paper gathers tips about processing from engineers and programmers

Rounding up input from 26 industry people, Wheatstone has released a white paper about audio processing.

The paper features suggestions from engineers and programmers including Gary Kline, Joshua Pierce, Rodney Belizaire, Gordon Carter, Nick Straka and Bill Tanner. Wheatstone makes the Vorsis brand of processors.

Included in the paper are tips for more successful processing, advice on deploying processors, and how to identify “clean” sound.

Among other findings, author Josh Gordon, director of marketing and content development, writes: “We asked participants for tips and suggestions on audio processing, as well as to select the one characteristic (from the list of 12 below) that they believe gives their programming format its most unique sound. Here are the 12 sound characteris­tics they chose from, as well as how many participants selected each:

  1. Cleaner 14
  2. Fuller 6
  3. Louder 3
  4. More definition 3
  5. More mid-range 2
  6. More lower mid-range 2
  7. Brighter 1
  8. Wider 0
  9. More “thump” 0
  10. More high end 0
  11. More upper mid-range 0
  12. More low end 0

One section of the paper also offers advice for seven groupings of formats that share similar processing characteristics. Those seven groups are CHR; AC/adult hits; classical/traditional jazz and NPR; news/talk/sports; country; adult hits/rock; and classic rock.

Read it here (PDF).