Wheatstone Will Show G-5 at Radio Show

Wheatstone Will Show G-5 at Radio Show
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Wheatstone is detailing plans for the upcoming NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia.
The company will roll out the G-5, part of the Generation-9 digital audio product line introduced in the spring. The company says it provides "basic on-air functionality for those facilities that don't require EQ or DSP functions," and it is compatible with the company's Bridge Router.
The company also will demonstrate its Bridge Satellite, for remote location expansion.
Audioarts Engineering will feature its DX-16 digital on-air radio board and a compact, rack-mount digital router.


Wheatstone Displays G-7, No PC Required

Wheatstone says it will feature its new G-7 production console, which offers independent operation (no PC required), 12 user-programmable switches, automatic failsafe DSP/CPU card options and a redundant power supply option.