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Wheeler Indicates AM Action Pending

"This comprehensive set of actions ... will help to ensure the continued vitality of AM radio"

We might be seeing more action from the FCC on AM revitalization shortly. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler put up a new blog post in which he addressed several pieces of commission business. Toward the end he writes:

“I will also recommend adoption of several proposals discussed in the 2013 AM Radio Revitalization NPRM, which we believe will further enhance the viability of the AM broadcast service, and ask about further suggested updates by way of an FNPRM and NOI. I look forward to working on this issue, launched by then-Acting Chairwoman Clyburn and championed by Commissioner Pai, and hope that broadcasters will participate extensively. This comprehensive set of actions modernize[s] our rules to keep them in line with the public interest in an ever-changing marketplace, and will help to ensure the continued vitality of AM radio.”

Broadcasters have been anxious to hear more about the commission’s AM plans, as we’ve reported.

Wheeler said the FCC also will consider other ways to “modernize media policies.” He wrote: “First, we will update the Contest Rule for the Internet age, allowing broadcasters to disclose the material terms of station-run contests online instead of, or in addition to, over the air. Commissioner O’Rielly called for this modernization, and the NPRM received unanimous support.”

His post also addressed STELAR legislation, retransmission consent, exclusivity rules and other matters. Read it here.