Where Have all the Engineers Gone?

John Poray’s NAB Show speech addresses shrinking field
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At the recent NAB Show, Society of Broadcast Engineers Director John Poray gave a presentation at the group’s annual Broadcast Engineer Conference (BEC) on the current state of the industry, including a silent epidemic, the shrinking field of broadcast engineering.

A paper, based on Poray’s presentation, is available in its entirety online.

Titled “The Shortage of Broadcast Engineers — Is There, or Do We Just Need to Know Where to Look?” the presentation began with a brief history of the industry and FCC requirements on employing a number of certified engineers. Stations in top markets were known to employ approximately 60 engineers at once.

In the paper, Poray examines the many causes of the shortage, including the deregulation of the FCC over the last 30 years, the increasing age (and assumed retirement) of its engineers, the economy and the shift in required expertise towards computers, software and digital technologies.

The paper finishes with information on tools to help engineers gain an advantage in the marketplace, including the SBE Resume Service and a list of SBE Certified Schools.