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… While NAB Says ‘Okay, but Keep Channel Protections’

... While NAB Says 'Okay, but Keep Channel Protections'

NAB urges lawmakers again not to eliminate third-adjacent-channel protections for full-service FMs in order to allow more low-power FMs on the air.
The trade group sent members of Congress a letter noting that LPFM supporters were visiting Capitol Hill to lobby this week, as low-power radio marks its fifth anniversary.
While the trade group says it recognizes the new services fills a niche regular broadcasters could not sustain, NAB top lobbyist John Orlando reminded lawmakers that NPR and radio reading services for the blind joined with NAB in support of legislation requiring LPFMs to obey third-adjacent-channel protections.
“Some full-power FM stations are ‘short spaced’ and operate on channels that are third-adjacent,” states Orlando in the letter. “These stations were grandfathered before the FCC instituted its third-adjacent channel policy.”
NAB included the address to download an audio clip purporting to demonstrate actual third-adjacent-channel interference recorded in Maryland.
LPFM supporters say roughly 600 stations are on the air, with more applications for CPs pending. NAB urges the commission “expeditiously to roll out pending LPFM applications that are third-adjacent-channel compliant.”