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Whirlwind E Sys Is Digital

Whirlwind E Sys Is Digital

Whirlwind is promoting its E Sys digital accessories. These are digital products for sending and processing audio on the road. Among them is E Snake; its frame and software puts the temporary installation of microphone and line audio – such as that at a sporting event – in the digital domain.
The frame can transmit and receive 32 channels of audio over CAT-5 cable. The company says that using a typical 58-channel multi-pair multi-pin connector cable of 100 feet, a road crew would have to heft 175 pounds; with the E Snake, those connections ride on a length of CAT-5 that weighs 7 pounds.
The software allows control of mic phantom power, gain, limiting and mic/line switching. Longer distances can be gained with another Ethernet switch as a repeater, fiber optic cable or Whirlwind’s E beam laser.
Companion E Desk control software, gives the engineer a virtual rack room with mixers, processors, mic preamps, limiters, delays, routers (up to 40×40) and RS-232 serial port control of other devices. It can support control via Ethernet and supports TCP/IP UDP and ICMP networking standards. With the CobraNet interface, the system supports 64 channels of audio (32 send and 32 receive) over Fast Ethernet. With the DCS 88 CobraNet transceivers, the audio and power also runs on the same CAT-5 cable.