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Who Are the “Mega-Users?”

Nielsen finds heavy radio listeners

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Heavy radio users devote big chunks of time engaging with one medium over another and are the most likely to interact consistently with content and advertising of that medium. Heavy media users, overall some 20% of participants, make up 80% of consumption, according to Nielsen.

Drawing from its “Audio Today“ report, Nielsen finds heavy radio and TV users are mostly mutually exclusive.

Heavy radio listeners listen to nearly double the amount of radio each week as heavy TV viewers, according to research. (And the same is true, vice-versa, for TV viewers.) Employment is the driving force behind these differences. Indeed the majority of all radio usage nationwide comes from the employed audience while they are away from home.

Of the four media profiled in the report, heavy radio listeners and heavy Internet users have the most in common, not just in their age and working status, but also in how they spend their time. Heavy radio listeners spend nearly nine hours a week online, second only to the heavy Internet group at over 16 hours weekly.

Both of these groups are very likely to use social media to stay connected — nearly all (92%) heavy Internet users also use social media, and three-quarters of heavy radio listeners do, too, according to Nielsen.