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Who DAT?

DAT’s a problem in Sweden; SRF uses NOA solution

Marx Brothers-style DAT jokes aside, Sveriges Radio Förvaltnings, a technical services provider to the Swedish national broadcaster, Sveriges Radio, recently added a second MediaLector workstation from NOA Audio Solutions of Austria to aid in the transfer of DAT-based material to something less problematic.

NOA also provided 14 specialized Sony R500 DAT recorders that had been upgraded with an adaptation kit. SR has more than 200,000 hours of DAT-based material that it is migrating to a permanent archive.

MediaLector8 Software for parallel transfer of up to eight DAT recorders The MediaLector system can handle eight channels at a time.

SRF had been having trouble with some of the DAT tapes (which won’t be not news to many who are familiar with DAT) and asked for further assistance. With the refurbished R500s and improved error-correction algorithms, NOA and SRF feel confident that the DAT migration is now 100 percent accurate.