Who Has the Best SBE Chapter?

Who Has the Best SBE Chapter?
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Is your SBE chapter active, interesting and relevant? Here are some that are. The SBE will honor these chapters at its national meeting in the fall:
Best Regional Convention or Conference: Chapter 22, Central New York - 30th Annual SBE Chapter 22 Convention; Conference Coordinator: Thomas McNicholl, CBTE
Best Chapter Newsletter (Class B): Chapter 24, Madison, Wis. - Editor: Michael Norton, CSTE, CBNT
Most Interactive Chapter: Chapter 73, HAMnet "Chapter of the Air" - Chapter Chairman: Hal H. Hostetler, CPBE
Best Chapter Frequency Coordination Effort (Class B): Chapter 9, Phoenix, Ariz. - Frequency Coordinators: Arizona Frequency Coordination Committee, chaired by Karl Voss
Best Chapter Web site: Chapter 53, South Florida - Webmaster: Douglas Barkley, CBTE, CBNT
Most Certified Chapter (Class A): Chapter 117, Palouse/Clearwater, Idaho - Chapter Chairman: Ralph Hogan, CPBE, CBNT; Certification Chairman: Dave Brawdy, CPBE
Most Certified Chapter (Class B): Chapter 118, Montgomery, Ala. - Chapter Chairman: Larry Wilkins, CPBE, CBNT; Certification Chairman: Charles Grider, CBRE, CBNT
Highest Member Attendance % at Chapter Meetings (Class A): Chapter 136, Rio Grande Valley, Texas - Chapter Chairman: Jaime Rodriguez, CBT
Highest Member Attendance % at Chapter Meetings (Class B): Chapter 113, Knoxville, Tenn. - Chapter Chairman in 2002: Charles "Doug" Stallard, CPBE, CBNT
Greatest Growth in New Members (Class A): Chapter 133, Buffalo, N.Y. - Chapter Chairman: John Merrill
Greatest Growth in New Members (Class B): Chapter 56, Tulsa, Okla. - Chapter Chairman: George Chambers