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Who Has the Best SBE Chapter?

Who Has the Best SBE Chapter?

Is your SBE chapter active, interesting and relevant? Here are some that are. The SBE will honor these chapters at its national meeting in the fall:
Best Regional Convention or Conference: Chapter 22, Central New York – 30th Annual SBE Chapter 22 Convention; Conference Coordinator: Thomas McNicholl, CBTE
Best Chapter Newsletter (Class B): Chapter 24, Madison, Wis. – Editor: Michael Norton, CSTE, CBNT
Most Interactive Chapter: Chapter 73, HAMnet “Chapter of the Air” – Chapter Chairman: Hal H. Hostetler, CPBE
Best Chapter Frequency Coordination Effort (Class B): Chapter 9, Phoenix, Ariz. – Frequency Coordinators: Arizona Frequency Coordination Committee, chaired by Karl Voss
Best Chapter Web site: Chapter 53, South Florida – Webmaster: Douglas Barkley, CBTE, CBNT
Most Certified Chapter (Class A): Chapter 117, Palouse/Clearwater, Idaho – Chapter Chairman: Ralph Hogan, CPBE, CBNT; Certification Chairman: Dave Brawdy, CPBE
Most Certified Chapter (Class B): Chapter 118, Montgomery, Ala. – Chapter Chairman: Larry Wilkins, CPBE, CBNT; Certification Chairman: Charles Grider, CBRE, CBNT
Highest Member Attendance % at Chapter Meetings (Class A): Chapter 136, Rio Grande Valley, Texas – Chapter Chairman: Jaime Rodriguez, CBT
Highest Member Attendance % at Chapter Meetings (Class B): Chapter 113, Knoxville, Tenn. – Chapter Chairman in 2002: Charles “Doug” Stallard, CPBE, CBNT
Greatest Growth in New Members (Class A): Chapter 133, Buffalo, N.Y. – Chapter Chairman: John Merrill
Greatest Growth in New Members (Class B): Chapter 56, Tulsa, Okla. – Chapter Chairman: George Chambers