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Who Succeeds Mel?

Several candidates reportedly on the short list to lead SiriusXM

Who will succeed Mel Karmazin as the leader of SiriusXM once Liberty Media takes over the company?

SiriusXM President of Operations and Sales Jim Meyer is on the short list, reports Reuters, quoting unnamed sources. Meyers oversees the satcaster’s auto industry relationships, which make up the bulk of its revenues.

We’ve reported that Liberty Media, the satellite radio company’s largest shareholder poised to take control, has formed a committee to find Karmazin’s successor.

Karmazin’s contract runs out at the end of the year and he has said he’ll step down from his post in February.

Other candidates floated by sources include board member Eddy Hartenstein, SiriusXM’s non-executive chairman and SiriusXM CFO David Frear.

Liberty Founder John Malone may prefer to find someone from outside the company, according to the account, perhaps emulating the hire Clear Channel did when the broadcaster brought in former MTV and AOL executive Bob Pittman as chief executive officer.

Another potential “outsider” candidate, who used to be an “insider” is reportedly Hugh Panero, the former leader of XM before the merger with Sirius. Panero is now chief executive officer of a music content website called PopDust.