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Who’s Buying What – Dec. 17, 2008

The manufacturer said this was likely one of the most rigorous applications given to the product to date.

Logitek Electronic Systems said its first JetStream IP-based console system was ordered by KFCF(FM), licensed to Fresno Free College Foundation.

The Pacifica affiliate is based in Fresno, Calif. It ordered a JetStream Mini router and a Remora control surface.

Separately, WBUL(FM), a Clear Channel station in Lexington, Ky., purchased a Logitek Audio Engine, a Mosaic console and a Remora console. WLBT(TV) in Jackson, Miss., purchased an Audio Engine and Artisan console, and KOAA(TV) in Pueblo, Colo., ordered an Audio Engine with an Artisan console.

Solid State Logic AWS 900+ Analog Workstation System at WBEZ(FM) In Ireland, 4FM ordered two Audio Engines and four Mosaic consoles through Logitek’s dealer BTS. In the U.K., Logitek dealer Preco took an order from EMAP for four Audio Engines, three Mosaic consoles, one Remora console and the vScreen GUI for locations in Stockton and London. Also in the U.K., GCAP ordered five Audio Engines and five Remora consoles through Preco.

And the Australian Broadcasting Corp. expanded its Tamworth operation with a Remora console. …

PTEK released details of several past custom RF military and government projects.

They include work on computer/radio/GPS communications for the Army Land Warrior project; a wideband jammer for the Olympic Games; a project for the Air Force allowing remote transmission to initiate the self-destruction of failed launch vehicles and missiles; and a multiple-frequency band jammer for convoy protection against improvised explosive devices or IEDs.

The company has also provided a 500 watt transmitter for use in the Air Force’s Commando Solo special operations aircraft, and various self-contained FM broadcast systems for remote operations.

The projects are all completed and the company is now able to release limited details about them. Project dates vary over the past eight years. …

ENCO Systems reported several notable sales.

KSJV(FM)/KMPO(FM) in Fresno, Calif., owned by Radio Bilingue, will install a five-studio DAD system. KSPN(AM) and the LA Live project in Los Angeles are taking a 20-studio DAD system. Another 20-studio DAD system will go into KESN(FM) in Dallas, and a five-studio system is headed to KAJX in Aspen, Colo., owned by Aspen Public Radio. CTV in Toronto is taking a nine-studio system. …

Chicago’s WBEZ(FM), home of “This American Life” and “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” replaced a digital console in its music performance studio with a Solid State Logic AWS 900+ Analog Workstation System. The AWS provides WBEZ with integrated control of the Pro Tools HD system; the project is the first radio application of an AWS 900+.

Guòmundur Gunnarsson uses the HHB FlashMic to record interviews for an Icelandic National Broadcasting radio show. Mary Gaffney is audio supervisor for WBEZ, which has four production rooms, two news and/or production rooms, an air studio, 10 editing booths and the large performance studio. The AWS room is used for live and captured music production, political debates, theater presentations and other speciality programs. The console was purchased from GC Pro Chicago’s Dan Scalpone. …

Icelandic journalist Guòmundur Gunnarsson used the HHB FlashMic for a series about life in a town for Icelandic National Broadcasting.

The manufacturer said this was likely one of the most rigorous applications given to the product to date. Gunnarsson conducted hundreds of interviews in various environments over three months. …

The radio division of Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI) in Italy chose NTP audio routing and router control systems when it commenced a major upgrade and large-scale expansion of master control equipment at its Rome facilities earlier this year.

RAI Radio placed the contract with Comteck Video Enterprise (CVE) following a bid process. The project involved exchanging and expanding an existing NTP AES/EBU and analog audio routing system. …

Wegener Corp. said Dial Global, Triton Radio’s sales and programming division, placed a $2.1 million equipment order this fall for iPump 6420 audio media servers and network products. Following its acquisition of Jones Media America, Dial Global purchased the equipment to upgrade and expand the Wegener file-based broadcasting platform that Jones Media uses to manage its 2,000-station network from its Denver network operations center.

“This is the initial phase of a multi-year project to ultimately expand Dial Global’s file-based distribution of programming, advertising and related services to their 6,000 radio affiliates,” Wegener stated. …

Liquid Compass, a streaming delivery network, signed an updated contract with Crawford Broadcasting to provide streaming media and RIAA royalty reporting services to 22 stations. The supplier also will provide interactive sales training to the Crawford staff. …

Broadcast Electronics said Rede Itatiaia in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, would receive the first BE FMi 35DT transmission system combining FM and HD Radio broadcasts.

Rede Itatiaia 95.7 FM was to take delivery of the system in early December and begin broadcasting in HD Radio soon after. The transmitter will feed Rede Itatiaia’s separate analog FM and HD Radio antennas. The new system was supplied through Savana Comunicações Ltda., BE’s supplier in Brazil.