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Who’s Buying What: Recent Sales at Audioarts

Buyers include schools in Alaska, Hawaii, Indiana and California

Audioarts Engineering, part of Wheatstone Corp., listed recent sales; they include several academic institutions.

The University of Anchorage purchased two Audioarts X-12 Digital Radio Consoles through BSW. The University of Hawaii purchased an R-55e console through BSW.

Goshen College in Goshen, Ind., purchased two IP-12 systems through BSW; San Francisco State University purchased an R-55e-12 console, also through BSW.

Also, WJEQ(FM) in Macomb, Ill., purchased an R-55e console through BSW. WNPC(AM) of Newport, Tenn., purchased an R-55e console and phone module through

WSYI(FM) in Louisville, Ky., purchased an R-55e console through RF Specialties of Missouri. And Radio Mulher (Sao Paulo, Brazil) purchased two Air-3 consoles through Savana.

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