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Whups, That Station Really Goes Over Here

Church gets its NCE OK after a little paperwork mixup.

It must have been an interesting day at Western Inspirational Broadcasters when it discovered another organization was going to put up a new NCE FM on its tower.

Well, Union Valley Baptist Church will indeed get its new noncom educational station in Kirby, Wyo. But not on the tower in question.

The Audio Division of the FCC Media Bureau this week rejected a petition to deny from Western Inspirational.

Western had griped to the FCC that Union couldn’t build its station as planned because the antenna structure for which Union applied — Antenna Structure Registration Number 1226816 — was owned by Western, and that it had given no such permission.

Union told the FCC, hey it was just a clerical error, the actual number was supposed to be ASR 1211839. That error was “based on its misreading of an illegible document,” the FCC paraphrased.

Union said the application made clear the proposed station will be collocated with KUWT(FM) in Thermopolis.

The commission staff ruled that Union had demonstrated the error was inadvertent.