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WHUR(FM) Goes HD Radio

WHUR(FM) Goes HD Radio

The theme song from the movie “Shaft” with Issac Hayes was the first song played by WHUR(FM),Washington after it went digital – because that was the first song aired when the station began broadcasting in 1971. The station is now broadcasting in HD Radio and analog. The station had a special audio logo created that proclaims WHUR “Washington DC’s first digital radio station.”
The city’s mayor proclaimed Wednesday “WHUR HD Radio Day” in a ceremony marking the switch.
FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, fresh from his CES trip, said, “We’re proud to see WHUR bring digital radio to DC. They’re breaking new ground.”
Adelstein, who has satellite radio, predicted other stations would soon follow suit. Radio has to go digital, he said, because the future is digital.
One of the benefits of HD Radio he said, is it’s free to listeners.
He congratulated HD Radio technology developer Ibiquity Digital and its partners Harris and Kenwood, for developing a way for radio to go digital without disrupting analog signals.
All their hard work “made it easy for the FCC,” he said.
“Thank you for removing the static from our morning commute.”

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