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Wildfire Photos on Broadcast Peak

JD Stahler of Cumulus opens the lens.

Cumulus Chief Engineer “JD” Strahler in Santa Barbara shares photos of the California wildfires that have been in the news and making life harder for some broadcasters there.

Corporate engineering head Gary Kline passed these along.

“As many of you may know by watching the news, there are some large fires burning in the area and could potentially become a real problem for us,” Kline said. “Hats off to JD and his hard work around the clock as he watches the smoke and does his best to protect his sites.”

Strahler wrote to Kline at mid-week: “Attached is a photo of Broadcast Peak with the Gap fire in the distance. The second photo was taken from Broadcast Peak, about same location as yesterday’s photo. Both photos looking east. At the time of the photos, the light wind was from north to south, so was blowing the smoke toward the ocean, away from Broadcast Peak. The near flames are on the backside of the ridge nearest Broadcast Peak. There is still some burning on Condor Point (the more distant ridge), but it has mostly burned out.”