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Wiley Sees FCC Back to Normal Size in Fall

Former chairman predicts no performance rights passed this year

Broadband is at the top of the agenda for the Obama administration and the FCC, with the digital TV transition following close behind, according to communications attorney and former FCC Chairman Dick Wiley. He spoke at BIA’s Winning Media’s Strategies Conference this week.

Wiley also said that he didn’t anticipate the Fairness Doctrine coming back, but that there may more restrictions on embedded advertising. He said he takes President Obama at his word that this administration doesn’t intend to revive the issue.

Despite pressure from record labels to urge Congress to enact a performance rights on terrestrial radio when stations air copyrighted music, he doesn’t believe the bill will pass this year. Wiley also doesn’t see the commission being back at full strength, with all five members, until this fall.