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Wilkins at NAB: Focused on State CAP Servers

We're talking to readers about their show plans and experiences

Radio World is asking our readers about their NAB Show plans and experiences. Here we email with Larry Wilkins, CPBE, director of the Alabama Broadcasters Association Engineering Academy.

How many NAB Shows have you attended, counting this year?
I would have to guess, but sure it would be at least 30. I remember the first one I attended was in Washington back in the mid-’60s, I think.

You have a presentation Wednesday. What is it about, why should someone come to see it?
Gary Smith and I are co-presenting a paper concerning state CAP servers and distribution. I am covering the Alabama EAS distribution system designed for redundancy. Anyone involved in EAS/CAP origination and distribution should put this presentation on their list. It is at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Besides that presentation, what is your top goal for this show?
Meeting with several top engineers to line up speakers for the various technical seminars the ABA Engineering Academy is hosting this year.

What vendors are you always sure to visit every year?
Those involved in HD Radio, HDTV and audio/video over IP.

Any particular product you are most interested in seeing?
Latest technology using IP.

What is your favorite thing about this convention?
Networking with fellow engineers and SBE functions.

Least favorite thing?
Las Vegas traffic 🙂

Radio World welcomes thoughts from other readers who attend the NAB Show. Up for participating in a Q&A? Email Paul McLane at [email protected].