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Will Stern Listeners Migrate to Satellite?

Will Stern Listeners Migrate to Satellite?

If those who responded to a survey by Bridge Ratings do as they say, the majority of respondents will not follow Howard Stern to satellite radio.
“Only 5 percent told us they intend to continue listening to their current Stern station while 41 percent listen only because of Howard and their intent is to seek other radio stations for their morning listening once Stern joins Sirius,” says Bridge Ratings President Dave Van Dyke.
Bridge surveyed 2,650 Howard Stern listeners culled from seven big markets.
Other results showed 23% intend to subscribe to Sirius while 31% are undecided, according to the research firm. Of the undecided, “cost”(32%) and “don’t see a need” (30%) are primary considerations for not subscribing in the future.
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