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Will WOOK Actually Make It to Air?

Radio One is fighting Washington LPFM applicant while another applicant says the issue taints all LPFMs

The Washingtonian is reporting that station group owner Radio One has asked the FCC to deny a construction permit for WOOK(LP), in Washington.

The reasons go beyond this one station, as at least one other LPFM applicant urges the commission to clear up the dispute one way or another.

Radio One originally questioned whether Sincere Seven was a legitimate nonprofit when it applied for the LPFM allocation and whether it really had reasonable assurance of getting a tower site.

In its Reconsideration Petition filed last fall, Radio One alleged a lack of candor by “Sincere Seven,” potential licensee of WOOK, saying there’s a discrepancy between the list of officers and board members disclosed to the commission, and those shared with the IRS and the District of Columbia Department of Regulatory Affairs.

Specifically, Radio One alleges the name of a convicted felon was left off the application submitted to the FCC.

The agency earlier rejected Radio One’s Petition to Deny in August, saying it found sufficient evidence that “S7” is what it says it is and has reasonable tower site assurance. The criminal allegations are newer and the commission has not yet ruled on those.

Historic Takoma Inc. is asking the FCC to resolve the allegations to “protect the integrity of the LPFM effort” as grantees “seek donations and community support for build-out,” it states in a letter to the commission. “Allegations of dishonesty and criminality among any of the new entrants can make efforts to rally community resources more difficult,” HTI told the commission. “A rational, cautious grant giver would be well-advised to hold back support in a charitable field of endeavor that, within the community, has little or no track record, until the regulator responsible for keeping the process clean shows that it can and will act quickly and decisively to ensure integrity,” states HTI, which notes that the issue makes it “increasingly difficult” for “true and honest” LPFM permittees, like HTI, to get new stations on the air.

HTI also believes a resolution would ease LPFM MX group overcrowding in the Washington area, should the allegations cause the agency to revoke the WOOK grant or a denial of the WOOK application.

HTI believes time is of the essence, noting that many, including HTI, faced a December 2014 deadline to apply for a channel change to alleviate mutual exclusivities.

William Tucker is trying to revive the former WOOK(AM), and plans to air old school R&B and funk, according to Washingtonian. WOOK is now streaming on