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Winchell, Autry, McPartland Among RHOF Nominees

Winchell, Autry, McPartland Among RHOF Nominees

The first mailing of Radio Hall of Fame Ballots was sent on May 16 to 4,000 RHOF members and industry executives.
The final ballot mailing will be sent July 1 to people who join the National Radio Hall of Fame by purchasing a $15 membership online at
The voting deadline is Aug. 1 and winners will be announced August 7.
The nominees:

NETWORK OR SYNDICATED, ACTIVE: Jim Bohannon, Bob Kingsley, Walt “Baby” Love, Marian McPartland

NETWORK OR SYNDICATED, PIONEER: Gene Autry, Richard Crenna, Douglas Edwards, Walter Winchell

LOCAL OR REGIONAL, ACTIVE: Ron Chapman, Dick Purtan, Orion Samuelson, Scott Shannon

LOCAL OR REGIONAL, PIONEER: Walter “Salty” Brine, Michael Jackson, Hy Lit, Joey Reynolds