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Winter 2017–2018 Intl. SW Broadcast Guide Gets December Release

Includes shortwave radio stations from the U.S. to North Korea

Just in time for the holidays, Teak Publishing has announced that it will release the ninth edition of its semi-annual International Shortwave Broadcast Guide in mid-December of this year.

The “Winter 2017–2018” electronic book by author Gayle Van Horn is an electronic guide to the world of shortwave radio listening.

The ISWBG provides a guide for shortwave radio stations that offer different perspectives on events, music, culture, history and news from other countries and different languages.

These worldwide transmissions are monitored on internationally assigned radio frequencies between 1700 kHz and 30 MHz.

The guide also features broadcasts from clandestine stations. Special features for the ninth edition include feature articles from Van Horn; Fred Waterer, The Spectrum Monitor; Lloyd Van Horn, former Monitoring Times columnist; and Hans Johnson.

There is also a special feature on “Who’s Who” in the shortwave radio spectrum.

The International Shortwave Broadcast Guide (Winter 2017–2018) edition will be available worldwide on Amazon for $7.99 in mid-December.

More information on the release date can be found here.