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Wired Looks at ‘Resurrection’ of Indie Radio

Wired Looks at 'Resurrection' of Indie Radio

Maybe this will be the year Clear Channel’s programming and PR efforts start to pay off.
One might think so, anyway, from the tone of an article on, which includes the headline, “FM never sounded so freaking good,” and starts by describing how the guitarist for the Sex Pistols “is now deriving his paycheck from Clear Channel.” The article continues, “That’s right: The spike-haired symbol of anarchic, anti-capitalist rebellion … is sucking the teat of the broadcast devil incarnate… weirder still, it’s all cool.”
It’s not the kind of article radio has seen much of in recent years, certainly not from a publication that positions itself as serving the young and technically hip.
“Pundits have been gleefully pronouncing the medium’s last rites. But they may well be wrong,” it states.
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