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Wireless AMBER Service Developed

Wireless AMBER Service Developed

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Nextel Communications and Communications Laboratories say they have created a wireless AMBER Alert system that extends the alerts to cell phone users through the Emergency Alert System. In a pilot program, Nextel has built a platform to provide primary distribution of AMBER Alerts in conjunction with the Pennsylvania State Police and Comlabs.
Nextel believes it is the first wireless carrier to work with state AMBER Alert coordinators and NCMEC towards developing a wireless text message alert that is timely, unaltered and geographically targeted. It asks the rest of the wireless industry to support the effort.
Nextel says the wireless AMBER Alerts will be free to customers.
Following the initial pilot program for public safety customers in Pennsylvania, Nextel hopes to expand the availability of wireless AMBER Alerts to more customers. Wireless alerts would be distributed to customers in targeted geographic areas, based on area code, and sent to Nextel phones via text message.