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WIT Closes Shop

Small Utah supplier made the easi-8 monitoring system

WIT Inc. has closed shop.

The company is manufacturer of the easi-8 remote monitoring and control system.

“Since our first shipment in 2005 and the hundreds of units that have followed we have never had a single unit returned due to manufacture failure,” it wrote on its Web site. “We are proud to have designed, manufactured and assembled every easi-8 unit right here in Salt Lake City, Utah.”

The company said it will honor warranties on every unit “and continue to provide customer support until June 30, 2009. We will also maintain our Web site with current software updates and downloads for another year or until June 30, 2010.”

Its easi-8 product was a system for monitoring equipment at the studio or a remote site. Applications included monitoring of HVAC, backup batteries, standby generators, STLs, transmitters or other electrical systems.

In a letter to dealers in March, the company wrote: “It is no secret that this economy and the world conditions are having a great impact on radio and television. We know this economy is having a great impact on your business as well as ours.”

It was signed by company executives Bill Gillman, Kevin Davis, Chris Clark and Gary Crowder.