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‘Witches of Lublin’ Offered to Public Stations

Drama mixes klezmer, feminist history and magical realism

An audio drama suitable for Passover season is available to public radio stations.

“The Witches of Lublin” is a 58:30-minute feature for spring scheduling, hosted by Ellen Kushner of “Sound & Spirit.”

“Since it takes place during preparation for the Passover season, we recommend airing this program, and its companion music modules between March 31–April 14, 2012,” the organizers state.

The fictional story is described as “based on Jewish women’s lives in 18th century Europe, klezmer music and feminist history, with a healthy dose of magical realism thrown in.”

It is free to stations through PRX and the ContentDepot; promos in :30 and :60 length are available. The cast features Tovah Feldshuh, as well as Simon Jones, Barbara Rosenblat, Neil Gaiman and other veterans of Broadway and audiobooks, as well as original klezmer music by Yale Strom, recorded with a four-piece klezmer band.

The play was co-written by Ellen Kushner, Elizabeth Schwartz and Yale Strom; it is produced by Sue Zizza, with recording and mix engineer David Shinn. It originally was commissioned by the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music.