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WJFF Loses CPB Appeal

Catskills-area station fined for not serving the public

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has fined a community station in upstate New York $15,000 for not adequately serving the public.

WJFF(FM) in Jeffersonville, which is near the Catskills, is staffed by mostly volunteers. The Class B1 facility uses hydroelectric power generated by a nearby dam.

The station wasn’t announcing nor conducting open community advisory board meetings in 2011, reports the Times-Herald Record. “WJFF officials did not provide the public the transparency envisioned by CPB guidelines,” stated the organization in a letter to the station in 2013.

CPB met with the previous management, but nothing was done to correct the violations, according the account.

WJFF appealed the fine, telling CPB that the mostly volunteer staff has since turned over and new management says they’ve corrected the violations.

That appeal has now been denied. The new GM Adam Weinreich acknowledged to the Times-Herald Record the turnover and fix “doesn’t really make up for the lapse in compliance.”