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WKQX Slapped With Indecency Fines

WKQX Slapped With Indecency Fines

True to FCC Chairman Michael Powell’s word at last week’s indecency hearing, the FCC is issuing decisions on backlogged indecency cases. The commission denied a request for reconsideration of a $21,000 fine for indecency filed by Emmis on behalf of WKQX(FM), Chicago. The case stemmed from several days worth of material aired on “Mancow’s Morning Madhouse”.
The commission stated the material in question “relied on innuendo, including colloquial terms used to describe sexual and excretory organs and activities”. The agency fount the material patently offensive, denied Emmis’ request, and said it has 30 days to pay.
In a separate “Mancow” indecency case, the agency fined the same station $7,000 for airing a song called “Smell My Finger”. Emmis said it did not keep tapes or a transcript of the program, and could not verify the complainer’s transcript, but still argued the song was not indecent. Emmis argued the sexual references were fleeting; the commission disagreed, stating the references were repeated and not isolated.