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WKSU Stocks Up on Audio-Technica

New mics, headphones for studio and field use

WKSU’s Jeff St. Clair works with the station’s new Audio-Technica BP40 studio microphone and M40x headphones.

Building relationships can pay dividends as Audio-Technica demonstrated when WKSU(FM) at Kent State University in Ohio redesigned and restocked some of its studios.

A-T BP4001 cardioid dynamic and BP4002 omnidirectional dynamic microphones were procured for reporters’ field kits along with an AT897 Line + Gradient Condenser microphone, AT2020USBi and AT2020USB+ microphones for general reporter use. A BP40 broadcast mic was designated for studio use as an ATM610a/S while an AT4050ST was tasked for the “Folk Alley” folk music show. 

Other Audio-Technica equipment included ATH-M40x headphones; an ATW-1322 wireless microphone system with ATW-T1001 bodypack transmitter and MT830cW omni condenser lavalier mic; and U841A omni condenser boundary microphones for the conference room and Skype duties.

WKSU Systems Administrator Dan Kuznicki said, “The microphones Audio-Technica sourced to our reporters have allowed us to significantly improve our field-reporting sound quality. In some cases, we’ve leaped ahead 20 years, replacing old microphones that our reporters have been using for their entire careers.”

He added, “Having the same equipment in the field kit of every reporter on our news team has allowed for a more consistent, clean sound across all of our reporting and recording. Audio-Technica microphones are a great fit for WKSU, and have proven to be robust and reliable both in the studio and in the field.”

WKSU’s Vivian Goodman and Jeff St. Clair highlighted the new BP4001s with Goodman saying, “I’m loving the clean, crisp audio I’m getting with my new Audio-Technica BP4001.”

St. Clair said, “The clarity has made a big difference in the quality of my interviews. I’m using the BP4001, and it’s superb for field interviews.”