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Wolf Likes the A/XE

Howling good sound for the alt rock pack

Internet alternative rock streamer has chosen Omnia Audio’s A/XE software processor as the tool for processing its Internet streams.

According to the leader of the pack, Wolf Koygin: “I bought one of those familiar ‘radio station in a box’ automation solutions, but the built-in processing was pretty lame, even after I tweaked and tweaked. So, I bypassed the processing and encoding and popped in the Omnia A/XE for those portions of the chain. Wow! I just can’t get over the improvement in sound quality. Night and day. The high end is crisp, clean and open, with a nice bottom end and excellent level management.”

Omnia’s Windows-based A/XE uses proprietary algorithms and AAC along with Fraunhofer MP3 encoding. It can directly interface with Shoutcast and Windows Media servers. Naturally it can feed other encoders as well. Features include an adjustable wide-band AGC with a three-band compressor/limiter, IIF EQ and low-pass filter and a precision look-ahead final limiter.