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Women’s Radio Network Names Top Host

Armstrong receives award that recognizes dedication to women, professionalism

KC Armstrong

The Women’s Radio Network has honored KC Armstrong with its Top Host award to recognize his dedication to women and professionalism.

Today, in addition to his work on WRNW1, Armstrong is a public figure making appearances on E! Entertainment and CBS, and he is also a fixture in comedy clubs, working with Damon Wayans and Dane Cook. Armstrong has also acted in films including “Secret War” and “Grace of the Storm.” His production skills have helped him to produce what WRNW1 says is the third most watched Internet show — “KCTV.”

As a part of WRNW1, Armstrong has assisted women building their online presence through professional interviews and online seminars pertaining to their everyday life. WRNW1 is an online platform that assists women professionals and entrepreneurs navigate their pathways to success through networking.

Armstrong works with WRNW1 spokeswoman Robyn LaJoya Charles (the daughter of Ray Charles and Lisa Singer) and Dr. Joyce Buckner, who is known for her guest appearances on the “Oprah Winfrey Show.”

Armstrong got his original break working as a cast member and producer for the “Howard Show” for a decade.