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WOR Goes 'HD'

WOR Goes 'HD'
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New York's WOR(AM) is transmitting both an analog and digital signal, and says it's the first 50-thousand Watt AM in the state to do so. It turned on the digital juice last Friday, a day after the FCC gave IBOC its initial endorsement.
Engineers for the Buckley-owned station say both the analog and digital signals sound great. "It sounds like FM," said CE Kerry Richards.
He and Buckley DOE Tom Ray say the initial IBOC exciter had a glitch so they turned off the digital before noon on Monday, switched to the aux transmitter, and the station was back on the air with analog.
Tuesday, Ibiquity Digital supplied a different exciter, and the station has been transmitting both in analog and digital since then during the day. WOR is using a four-year-old Harris DX 50 transmitter and WOR said the conversion took approximately three hours.
The station has changed its slogan to: 710 WOR-HD.


WOR Goes 'HD'

WOR(AM) began transmitting a digital signal in addition to its analog on Oct. 11, the day after the FCC gave its initial endorsement to IBOC.