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Worcester FMs Cleaning Up After Flood

WXLO looking at studio rebuild

Three Cumulus-owned FMs in Worcester, Mass., are cleaning up their studios and offices after a water pipe burst and flooded their building, temporarily knocking the stations off the air earlier in the week.

The three affected stations are WWFX(FM)/“The Pike,” WORC(FM)/“Nash Icon” and hot AC WXLO(FM). “We grabbed what we could and ran out of the building,” DJ Bruce Palmer told the Worcester Telegram.

Authorities had to cut power to the building, which affected the stations automation systems. VP/Market Manager Bob Goodell planned to bring in generators and power cords, according to the account. The pipe burst around 8:30 the morning, and all three stations returned to air by 1:30 p.m.

The WXLO studio was heavily damaged and “is probably a loss,” while The Pike and Nash Icon studios had minimal damage, according to Goodall. He indicated they could keep WXLO on the air using the other on-air studios as well as two production facilities until its on-air studio is rebuilt.