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Work Is Complete on Times Square Master Antenna

Work Is Complete on Times Square Master Antenna

Shively Labs said work is done on the new master FM antenna system atop the Conde Nast Building at 4 Times Square in New York City.
As reported in the cover story of Radio World’s April 23 issue, the facility expands the FM station capacity of the Durst Organization site to 21 stations – as Shively put it, “enough to handle all the FM stations presently broadcasting from the multiple antennas atop the Empire State Building.”
The antenna is fed from a Shively Labs Model 2540 balanced combiner system that has nine stations and can handle 21. The combiner is designed to accommodate HD Radio implementation using a “back-feed” method that passes the analog and digital signals through the combiner independently and combines them in the antenna.
The Shively Model 6016 FM panel replaces one installed in 1999. FM service during the year of construction was on a Shively Model 6017 Lindenblad antenna.
System planning began after 9/11 to add broadcast transmission capacity in New York.