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Workbench Tech Tip of the Week(4)

Joy and Dawn are ready to help you around the shop.

Radio World’s Workbench by John Bisset is an industry classic, one of radio’s most-admired, and most-copied, columns. Find out why in each issue.

This tip is from October 2004.

Joe Stack writes, “I’ve discovered that sometimes a small burst of dry air is needed and there’s no can of ‘commercial’ dry air available. Using an empty plastic dishwashing soap bottle like Dawn or Joy, with the nozzle still on, will give a nice, forceful burst of air every time the bottle is squeezed, and all without batteries.”

Using this air bottle along with a small clean paintbrush can help push dirt from hard-to-reach places inside a transmitter or computer.

Have you wondered what to do with those little silica gel packs packed with products to absorb moisture? If you are worried about the air inside the bottle collecting moisture, Joe says, unscrew the cap of the plastic bottle and insert a little gel pack to “soak” up any moisture that might get in.

Sometimes, simple tips are the best.

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