Workbench Tech Tip of the Week(6)

Convert your FM channel number to FM frequency.
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This tip is reprinted from the Nov. 22, 2006 issue.

Mike Zeimann is the station manager for WKDN(FM) in Camden, N.J. His tip is a quick formula for converting FM channel numbers to frequencies when you don’t have a cross-reference chart like the one in 73.201 of the FCC Rules and Regulations.

Mike has had this formula sitting in his desk drawer for years and refers to it regularly.

  • Subtract 201 from the channel number
  • Multiply the result by 0.2
  • Add the result to 88.1

For example, let’s say the channel is 263:

  • 263 – 201 = 62
  • 62 x 0.2 = 12.4
  • 12.4 + 88.1 = 100.5 MHz

Mike says while you could do the calculations in your head, he uses a calculator

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