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WorldCast Announces Digital MPX

Says APT codec to channel digital MPX for fully digital audio chain

WorldCast Systems says it demonstrated a fully MPX digital audio transmission chain at the IBC Show.

The company said, “Under the codec brand APT, WorldCast will be showcasing its first MPX over IP- enabled audio codec at IBC 2014.” It added, “With the ability to support 96 kHz of audio bandwidth and scale the sample rate to 192 kHz, the output of the audio codec can be transferred directly to the modulator of the exciter.”

The company also said that digital MPX is being implemented on Ecreso transmitters and that a prototype would be at the show.

In addition, the new Audemat FM MC5 audio analyzer platform “can perform highly detailed analysis on the MPX signal as well as the audio and RF components.”

VP R&D and Product Development Nicolas Boulay explained, “We see the trend towards a fully digital broadcast chain where equipment interconnects in a completely linear fashion as a real positive move for the industry. As developers of equipment that can be deployed as all stages in the transmission chain, we are working diligently to ensure that all our key products are capable of handling 192 kHz sampling and therefore digital distribution of the MPX signal.”

WorldCast is also announcing that several familiar company marques will be eliminated in a company-wide naming practice consolidation. Listed as joining the dustbin of history are APT’s Oslo and Horizon, Audemat’s Goldeneagle and Ecreso’s Helios lines.

President Bruno Rost elaborated, “When a company grows through acquisition as we have done, we inherit many strengths and skills from our constituent parts. However, we also inherit many different processes, brands, product naming structures and logos that can be unwieldy for a company to manage and impossible for a customer to comprehend. Therefore, our process of simplification aims to sort through our entire portfolio, arrange it logically in product families and name each product using standard conventions.”