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WorldDAB: Keep Band III for Radio

The organization calls for the protection of spectrum dedicated to broadcast radio

WorldDAB is encouraging spectrum regulators to maintain Band III for broadcast radio.

In a statement from the organization, WorldDAB President Patrick Hannon said that with the DAB/DAB+ standard (which presently uses Band III) expanding in various countries, it would be impractical to move free-to-air DTT services out of bands IV and V into band III (due to the growing demands for this spectrum from mobile services).

“DAB digital radio is becoming firmly established as the core future platform for radio. Retaining Band III for radio is of critical importance both to listeners and to the long term health of the radio industry,” Hannon said. “We encourage spectrum regulators to recognize the benefits, which digital terrestrial radio brings to listeners and also its ability to deliver reliable, free-to-air information to listeners on the move — especially in times of emergency.”

The radio industry has already given up any claim to L Band spectrum, continued the release, stating that the international development of DAB/DAB+ means it is essential that this allocation be retained

During the WorldDAB General Assembly, which took place Nov. 3–4, United Kingdom Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey, and German Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Dorothee Bär, discussed their shared vision for radio’s digital future, emphasizing their commitment to digital radio.